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The Shell Game
by Steve Alten (2008)

a novel about Peak Oil and the next 9/11

The book has a lot of good info in it. It's far from perfect, but better than what I expected. It's definitely not what I would write. Perhaps it will reach a wide audience. Perhaps it will be snared by the large amount of junk on the Shell Game website (links to websites promoting false claims about 9/11). The website promoting The Shell Game mixes together most of the best 9/11 websites with a lot of websites promoting nonsense.

It does get the point that 9/11 was allowed to happen and given technical assistance to ensure that it did happen, and points out the key role of the war games.

It's one of the very few 9/11 anything efforts to tie together 9/11 and Peak Oil - something that most 9/11 truthers and most people aware of Peak Oil don't want to do.

The Shell Game states explicitly it is largely based on Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert - one of the very few books on 9/11 that made any effort to do verifiable research - and it's why the peddlers of the scientology type claims attacked him so much (the empire wants to keep the 9/11 and the Peak Oil aware people separate and unaware of each other's best work).

There are 9/11 truth movement people who are upset that it avoids the demolition theories and focuses instead on the war games, stating that the 9/11 Commission dismissed the war game issue so therefore it shouldn't be highlighted. While it is true that the 9/11 Commission did mention (sort of) a war game, they definitely did not mention them in any detail. No mention of the "plane into building" exercise. No mention of the suppressed investigations into flight schools. No mention of the multiple warnings from US allies about what, when, where the "attacks" would happen.

The most important part of the 9/11 story is not the buildings falling down after being smacked by a heavy object traveling close to the speed of sound, but the decisions made to intentionally allow them to happen in order to justify wars to control the oil fields as we pass Peak Oil. It would be nice to see 9/11 "truth" play a role in social change, but given the massive media counterattack and association of "truth" with the nuttiest claims it seems unlikely that "truth" about 9/11 will lead to positive social change. And 9/11 was in the past, while Peak Oil will shape the future. They are inseparable, but perhaps it's best to understand what happened to the truth movement since similar tactics are being used against understanding environmental limits and problems.

As for the criticism that the book avoids demolition theories, that is a plus in many ways, although the shell game website links to lots of websites promoting this. If there was truth to the demolition claim, it would be unlikely that the corporate (and alternative) media would claim that this was the key aspect to the 9/11 counter narrative. Arguing about this claim, however, is likely to be similar to the arguments for decades arguing what types of bullets were used in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 - with the exact same result (the conspiracy people marginalized with little impact on the broader society).

It is interesting that there was never any real effort to peer review the demolition claims, even the best of them, and there are some serious problems with this perspective - but those problems are probably moot at this point.

Summary: Shell Game is OK, not perfect, could use a much better website / promotional campaign. It's unfortunate that the best efforts in the 9/11 truth and the Peak Oil awareness efforts have been kept separate. The real goal is to use these awarenesses to figure out how we all - 6 and a half billion of us - can use the remaining oil for transformation to a peaceful civilization.

Fighting for GOD (Gold, Oil and Drugs)
by Jeremy Begin and Lauren Salk

a comic book about 9/11 Trine Day press

The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistleblowers and the Cover-Up
by Sander Hicks


9/11 was allowed to happen by Bush’s architects of death.

Every five years or so comes the kind of book that is likely to lead to the resignation and impeachment of senior White House officials.
In March, Vox Pop will publish such a book: The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistleblowers, and the Cover-Up by Sander Hicks, the gutsy investigative journalist and "punk of publishing" who started Soft Skull Press and Vox Pop.

With original research and interviews, The Big Wedding provides a new level of proof that Bush's advisors had detailed foreknowledge of 9/11. The book dispenses with the hypothetical and the realm of maybe. It attacks the kooky conspiracy theories, like "no-plane-hit-the-Pentagon," which distract from certain suppressed historical truths: the CIA has had a controlling, client relationship with the powerful Pakistani intelligence group, ISI. The ISI has proven links to 9/11; they were key funders, trainers, and supporters. Therefore, it's impossible that the CIA and White House didn't have detailed foreknowledge of 9/11
Hicks provides details from the Iran/Contra and Bank of Credit and Commerce International scandals that aid our understanding of the global political struggle and the secret history that never makes its way onto corporate media outlets. BCCI, like 9/11, involved black market global capital, the Bush family, the Pakistanis, and the CIA. An overview of the literature on BCCI, as well as all other 9/11 books, is a big feature of Big Wedding. Hicks also relates personal details: his intimacy with Bush biographer Jim Hatfield, and the secrets Jim took to his grave in July 2001. For the first time, Hicks tells the story of his personal recruitment by the CIA, and why he rebuffed the offer. This story is evident of one thing: Hicks must be onto something.

(note: Hicks has shifted from pointing out that some of the 9/11 claims are false toward a position of promoting some of the worst nonsense claims. It's hard to find a rational and sincere explanation for publishing a book admitting the "no plane" stuff is false and then going on to promote events with its adherents.)


Dreaming War: Blood for Oil and the Cheney-Bush Junta
by Gore Vidal




not recommended: 9/11 books promoting false claims
9/11 Revealed: The Unanswered Questions
by Rowland Morgan and Ian Henshell

Revealed OR Concealed?
A Critical Review of 9/11 Revealed
by Victoria Ashley and Jim Hoffman

9/11 Revealed is impressively packaged. It has 253 pages with scores of color photographs, and sophisticated graphic design. The writing is dramatic. It has a broad scope, and appears to cover most of the challenges to the official story of the 9/11/01 attack.
The book pretends to speak for the 9/11 Truth Movement. It is written in the third person, and presents most challenges as things that "9/11 skeptics" or "Nine/Eleven skeptics" say. The undiscerning reader is likely to think that the book represents the work of the community of serious independent investigators working to expose the truth about the attack. Finding that the book fails to make a strong case that the attack was the work of insiders, the reader may conclude, incorrectly, that investigators have failed to make a compelling case.
In essence 9/11 Revealed is a slick package designed to sell the numerous hoaxes that have long been used to marginalize the 9/11 Truth Movement as nothing but a bunch of loony conspiracy theorists lacking the critical thinking skills necessary to correctly evaluate evidence.

The US State Department is promoting this book as an example of disinformation regarding 9/11, which will probably boost its popularity among those who don't buy the official story, further cementing in place many of the fake memes that pollute real evidence. The government's page is at


Alternet (a "left gatekeeper" website that published attacks on Mike Ruppert in early 2002) cites 9/11 Revealed as representative of all claims of complicity, but avoids the best evidence. It is odd that this book is cited as one of the "Books We Like" considering their avoidance of Crossing the Rubicon, The Terror Timeline and other excellent publications. http://alternet.bookswelike.net/isbn/0786716134

Decoding the Secrets of JFK and 9/11
By G. Pascal Zachary, AlterNet. Posted February 3, 2006.

There are of course many puzzling circumstances surrounding the 9/11 attacks, virtually all of them compiled and analyzed in a recent book by two British authors, "9/11 Revealed: The Unanswered Questions." In their skillful survey of "alternative scenarios," Rowland Morgan and Ian Henshall sow many doubts about the official version of 9/11. How did so many of the hijackers gain valid entry into the U.S? Why were they so free to operate? Why were the country's air defenses not triggered after the hijacked planes veered off course? In what ways did the Pakistani and Saudi governments assist the hijackers? Were the hijackers in the U.S. for another purpose and then double-crossed their U.S. sponsors in a classic, if horrible, case of blowback?
While these and other questions raise doubts about the official version of 9/11, they don't yet add up to a persuasive counterconspiracy theory.

9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA
by Webster Tarpley

A good analysis of false flag operations and how the war games were used to ensure the success of 9/11 -- from a writer who was part of the Lyndon LaRouche political cult.

Not so good on the issues of Peak Oil and the "no plane at the Pentagon" hoax. Tarpley dismisses the idea that natural ecological limitations impact the functioning of civilization, and supports the "no plane" claim. As always, the most important issue surrounding Peak Oil is how to use the remaining oil for global relocalization of production and as much renewable energy equipment as possible -- something that a narrow ideological analysis conveniently ignores. The LaRouche organization has been consistently anti-environmental, promoting toxic technologies such as nuclear power and food irradiation - so it's not a surprise that they deny the reality of finite fossil fuels.

from the book:

"Monocausal explanations embraced by corporate elites, such as the Hubbert “peak oil” thesis, are also unsatisfactory, since we are dealing not with geological events per se, but rather with the breakdown crisis of a political economy.
From 9/11 to “peak oil” is a dangerous leap, and from “peak oil” to population reduction is more dangerous still. Because oligarchs have always held humanity in general in contempt, they have from time immemorial exhibited the outlook which has, during the last 200 years, been called Malthusian."

Inside Job by Jim Marrs

"Inside Job" has some of the best pieces of evidence, but it also has claims that would not pass peer review. There does not appear to be anything original in the book (in terms of evidence) that has not appeared elsewhere (either in book form or on a website).
The chapter on the Pentagon crash is almost entirely wrong (the "Pentagate" book was a hoax, Rumsfeld's Oct 2001 "missile" quote was only bait to snare the skeptics into believing untruths -- the trap was sprung in Parade Magazine last September. It ignores the fact the Pentagon was hit in the empty part in "Inside Job" - the ONLY so-called physical evidence that nobody contests (and many of the no-plane-theorists ignore).
The footnote citing "Jerry Russell" as a primary source is unfortunate given Mr. Russell's support for Holocaust Denial and the "pod" nonsense. Fortunately, Mr. Russell has retracted some of his speculations.
Inside Job cites Department of the Navy employee Barbara Honneger as the primary analyst of the significance of the 9/11 war games.Ms. Honneger gave a presentation at the "Los Angeles Grand Jury" event in October 2004 that claimed that "shoe bomber" Richard Reid was really Osama - which is not something to take seriously. Michael Ruppert's research on the war games makes more sense.
It includes the "building 6 / explosion at ground level" hoax (which Jim Hoffman has nicely debunked) - p. 36 -- and then includes several "theories" that muddy the waters - p. 37 claims there's a theory that the towers were pre-wired with demolition charges upon construction, or after the 1993 attack. Did this "theory" originate in the same psyops lab that invented the "pod" claim?
A book that cites "American Free Press" (a Holocaust Denial publication) repeatedly as a primary source is not the best work from the 9/11 truth movement.

Painful Questions by Eric Hufschmid

The author's websites www.hugequestions.com and question911.com promote hoax websites regarding 9/11 complicity issues. Mr. Hufschmid also promotes "no moon landing" and Holocaust denial which has caused some 9/11 skeptics to wonder if it is an effort to discredit by association.

Hufschmid's defense of his views against the evidence that a large jet really did hit the Pentagon is at

9/11: The Great Illusion - End Game of the Illuminati, Our Choice: Fear or Love? by George Humphrey
This book uses some fake evidence to buttress its assertions of complicity, referencing the neo-Nazi American Free Press as a primary reference source (a big mistake, if the book is sincere). One of the main places selling this pamphlet is the "Peace Resource Project," www.peaceproject.com/books/books.htm -- a web based company that also hosts the fraudulent "Pentagon Strike" video on its website. This booklet is cheap and small, and therefore more attractive than the accurate but larger and more expensive books (such as Terror Timeline and Crossing the Rubicon).

The Horrifying Fraud and Pentagate
by Thierry Meyssan

911investigations.net and pentagate.info

the title cover shows the "punch out" hole created by the firefighters, along with Boeing debris - it subtly implies that the "hole in the Pentagon" was too small for a 757, when in reality the damage on the outside of the building was the width of the plane

These books are disinformation.

The first comments from Meyssan about 9/11 claimed that the Pentagon was attacked by a truck bomb - which was obviously not true. The sequel "Le Pentagate" refined this "theory" to suggest the use of a cruise missile - yet the photo on the front cover shows, if you look carefully, some wreckage that analysts have identified as Boeing debris. A bad joke hidden in plain sight.

Meyssan's first book was published around the time that "Forbidden Truth" was published in France -- and Meyssan's wild speculation successfully distracted from the more sober evidence in Forbidden Truth (which proved that the US had planned to invade Afghanistan in the Fall of 2001, months before 9/11).

"The Big Lie" has supposedly been translated into 28 languages -- making it unlikely that unraveling the genuine evidence of complicity from the hoaxes will ever happen. It was a brilliant coup by the coverup to distract from the one piece of "physical evidence" that no one disputes (and few discuss) - the Pentagon was hit in the nearly empty part of the building, which minimized casualties.

As of 2012, the BBC is broadcast in one less language than Thierry Meyssan got published in. Who has the ability to do that much translation to promote a book that has not yet sold any copies? Voice of America is in 48 languages. The Harry Potter books, which have been global best sellers, are sold in 67 languages. Meyssan sold a lot of copies but nowhere near as many as Harry Potter.

48 languages

27 languages

Thierry Meyssan
28 languages

Sander Hicks and the 9/11 Truth Movement

When you have a sensitive topic here, when so much political power is involved, there's going to be a series of false reports, disinformation put forth to obscure the real story, red herrings to throw off the dogs. It happened in the JFK assassination, and it's happening now.
My quick analysis on how this is happening right now would be to point out two red herrings: The Pentagon Theory and the accusations of anti-Semitism. Paul Thompson of the 9/11 Timeline was on the Morning Sedition show and host Mark Marin dismissed the entire 9/11 Truth website by saying, "Oh, it's one of those sites that say no plane hit the Pentagon." We’re being judged by our weakest link. And it is pretty weak.
You had rush hour traffic on I-395 that saw the plane hit, you have 100 eyewitnesses compiled in the pamphlet published by Penny Schoner. Where the hell did this theory come from? Thierry Meyssan's book "The Horrible Fraud" was the original source. Meyssan wrote his book from Paris, he didn’t travel over here. The book is highly imaginative, and in the middle of a trauma, people are searching for answers. A lot of people in the 9/11 truth movement glommed onto this one and I think it's hurt our credibility over all. You have to wonder if that was by design.

On November 17 and 18, 2005, Meyssan's Réseau Voltaire organization organized a large international conference in Belgium called "Axis for Peace." This event was a mix of leading international experts on international law, peace and disarmament, along with some hoaxers spreading disinformation.

In particular, Meyssan's group invited the so-called American Free Press (whose acronym AFP causes confusion with Agence-France Press, one of Europe's largest media entities), a neo-nazi Holocaust Denial publication that works closely with KKK leader David Duke. Also on the agenda were the wife of political cult leader Lyndon LaRouche and a lawyer with a US federal lawsuit claiming missiles were fired at the World Trade Center and Pentagon.