Radio Activists


Air America Radio

Air America is an emerging national alternative network - most of the shows on Air America have done good work covering the issues of the stolen 2004 election. "Air America" was the name of a CIA owned airline in southeast Asia widely accused of being complicit in the opium trade during the Vietnam War, although this (hopefully) has no connection to the radio network.

Alternative Radio

Alternative Radio is syndicated from Boulder, Colorado that offers hour long shows of speeches by leftist / progressive commentators. Most of their shows are very good, but AR refuses to examine what happened on 9/11, or allow guests who have documented evidence of 9/11 complicity to discuss that documentation on their show. If you want to hear Noam Chomsky over and over, Alternative Radio is your show of choice.


Democracy Now

Democracy Now! is a national, listener-sponsored public radio and TV show, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the country. We air Monday-Friday on over 120 stations including Pacifica radio stations, Pacifica affiliates,, public access TV stations, Free Speech TV (DishNetwork Channel 9415), and Shortwave Radio (Radio for Peace International).

Democracy Now is generally very good, but their coverage of 9/11 has mostly been limited to the official story that it was a surprise attack. DN received a $75,000 grant from the right-wing Ford Foundation in 2002 to enable them to cover the aftermath of September 11.

Pacifica Radio Pacifica Radio network

Guns and Butter

Guns and Butter: the economics of politics

formerly an excellent show, in 2007 began to highlight the "no plane" promoters and has gone downhill (as has happened to many efforts that focused on 9/11 complicity issues)

Jun 20, 2007
What Didn't Hit the Pentagon
with Dave von Kleist, April Gallop and Barbara Honegger.

note: Mr. von Kleist is the spokesperson for the In Plane Site disinformation film, Ms. Gallop is a Pentagon employee promoting the fake "no plane" claim, and Ms. Honneger is a Department of the Navy historian also promoting the "no plane" claim.

KBOO-FM, Portland Oregon - the "People Rise Up" show is one of the few in the United States that has provided excellent coverage of the 9/11 scandal

RISE Radio Internet Story Exchange Independent Network News

RadioFreeAmerica is a progressive television production company dedicated to providing alternative news and informational programming to make up for the lack of bal ance in the American Corporate News Media. Our premier program is INN World Report a one hour weekly show featuring international news perspectives, in depth analysis with activists on current events and interviews with progressive authors and film makers. Nationally the program can be viewed on Free Speech TV which is channel 9415 on the Dish Network Satellite System. Locally INN Report is running on public access cable channels. Check our scheduling page to see show times and listings. Additionally, you can view each week's segments here on our site as well as archived stories from past shows. Radio for Peace International (non-governmental shortwave radio station in Costa Rica)

TUC Radio - Time of Useful Consciousness

TUC aka Time of Useful Consciousness is an aeronautical term. The time between the onset of oxygen deficiency and the loss of consciousness, the brief moments in which a pilot may save the plane.

National Pentagon Radio
NPR’s coverage of the war is intelligent, exhaustive, and very carefully modulated. It reminds me of the prose in the higher-end garden catalogues or on the packaging of gourmet foods. The overwhelming impression is that a smart person is talking; so much so that you forget, sometimes, that they’re trying to sell you something.




Propaganda from Clear Channel Communications (largest owner of US radio stations)
most of the pro-war rallies have been organized by and sponsored by Clear Channel Entertainment,
under the name of "Rally for America(tm)," in a faux-grassroots campaign known as "astroturfing."
Manufacturing News and Promoting War -- Texas Style