photos of Pentagon area

for those unfamiliar with Washington, D.C. geography

Interstate 395 and Virginia Route 27

I-395 is a very wide road that is normally full of commuter traffic at 9:38 am on a normal workday. There were many motorists on this road (and other nearby highways) that saw Flight 77, some of them had a good view of the impact of the plane into the Pentagon. The idea that the eyewitnesses were confused (or lying) is a desperate and offensive argument to support the "no plane" hoax.

The first photo was taken in the late 1970s - the treed areas in the center of the photo have largely been replaced by large office buildings with lots of windows. These buildings (which are occupied by military contractors) have obvious surveillance cameras extended off of their roofs.

It is unknown how many people saw Flight 77, but considering the motorists, pedestrians, people in the Pentagon, people in all of the other buildings in the area - it is possible that well over a thousand people were eyewitnesses to the event.


Interstate 395 southbound from the vantage point of the parallel bicycle path across the 14th Street bridge. The "no Boeing" claims imply that traffic on this road was entirely composed of co-conspirators with the Cheney cabal on the morning of 9/11, which is absurd to anyone remotely familiar with the geography of Arlington County, Virginia. Note that this photo obscures the lanes of northbound I-395 traffic (at the left side of the photo).


Another view of the I-395 / VA 27 interchange, with the west wing of the Pentagon on the left side of this photo. A viewer from this location would have seen Flight 77 almost until the moment of impact (the location the plane hit on the first and second floors is obscured by the highway overpass in the foreground.




The Citgo gas station and the west wing of the Pentagon. Flight 77 passed over the cloverleaf interchange on the right side of this photo before the crash.


Sheraton hotel

the hotel rooms facing the Pentagon had a good view of the side that was hit