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What really happened in Oklahoma City?



The way McVeigh parrots the anti-government cant of the militia movement is very reminiscent of how Oswald parroted the Marxist line in his famous televised debate in New Orleans when he was plugging the pro-Castro Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Discrediting the communists was obviously just a small, secondary part of the Kennedy assassination, whereas, discrediting the more trenchant critics of our ruling establishment, particularly those with the temerity to call the Waco massacre what it was, was the main purpose of the Oklahoma City bombing. In this latest outrage, the actual killing was secondary.


In 1995 there was a very powerful anti-government movement in the US. And it wasn't all militia people. Some counties were declaring their independence from Washington. There was a big land-use battle brewing in the far west. It had to do with grazing rights and who really controlled millions of acres of public land in western states. Tax protestors were springing up like weeds.
What was needed, from Washington's point of view, was a poster boy for this radical revolt. And that boy was McVeigh. The kid who would, in effect, stand for all anti-government sentiment and discredit it in one stroke.
The gloss was: white boy, militant, bomber, militia-type, anti-government, federal building destroyed, babies killed, nation mourns, COME BACK TO THE GOVERNMENT, COME HOME TO THE GOVERNMENT.
Clinton won his second term on the back of that. ....
When you look at OKC or 9/11, you are looking at layered operations, very well planned. Part of the planning is spent on getting a number of different groups into the mix. Iraqis, US bank robbers (Mike Brescia et al), a German intell weapons pro (Andreas Strassmeir), a "religious commune" (Elohim City). And so on. It's all very confusing, AND IT'S MEANT TO BE.
Everyone has a chance to blame his favorite emotional target and claim that this target was "the chief planner."
False trails are laid down that will go nowhere when investigators sniff around.
But when you stop and think about the expertise that is required to coordinate and half-conceal these disparate elements, you wake up and realize that these are very professional and well-funded missions. Intell/military-style missions. The goofballs and the dissidents and the nutcases and the fanatics and the free-lancers are brought in to take the fall, to appear to be the masterminds.
Peel the onion.




Multiple bombs at Oklahoma City?

Searched the web for general partin oklahoma
as always, "buyer beware" for these sorts of claims. 

Oklahoma CIty Bomb Report
This report on the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was
prepared by Brigadier General Benton K. Partin , USAF (Ret.) and dated July 30 ...

What really happened in Oklahoma City?
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charges placed on five columns, not four as concluded by General Partin ....
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I had twenty-five years experience of knowing," General Partin has said. ...
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The New American - A Comparison of the Blasts - August 5, 1996
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