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This website ( is unaware of any news service that combines these issues:

The Peak Oil news sources rarely mention 9/11, even though the two issues are inseparable. Most of the websites that update alleged new information about 9/11 are reluctant to admit that some of the claims are not true. Most efforts that document environmental destruction do not include an understanding of finite petroleum into their analysis -- for example, most commentators discussing climate change state that we need to reduce fossil fuel combustion over the next few decades even though this is going to happen whether Dick Cheney or Dennis Kucinich is in the White House.

The closest effort that incorporated all of these facets was the now defunct From the Wilderness, which shut down in November 2006 (but still has amazing archives on line that are mandatory for understanding the crisis our civilization is facing).

The sites listed below contain original commentary and links to news articles from dissident US sources and from the world media. If you only looked at these sites, you would be better informed than nearly all of your fellow citizens - and the editors of these sites perform an amazing function of sifting through avalanches of information to distill down the most critical stories, both in the US press and from around the world.

While does not attempt to keep 100% current with the daily flood of news, these sites do excellent work to stay current. Each has their specializations -- all are useful. All deserve your support -- and to have their good work shared with as many people as possible.

Remember that all news services - even the best - occasionally make mistakes (oilempire has made several) and don't blindly trust any story even if it looks tempting -- especially if it looks tempting. No one has perfect reporting skills, and the blizzard of bullshit being thrown at the public by perpetrators of heinous crimes makes it difficult to determine the full truth.


Peak Oil news - Peak Oil, Climate Change and imperialism, perspectives from India and elsewhere - enormous number of articles tracking Peak Oil - original articles on Peak Oil (this service shut down in November 2006, but the archives on this site are among the best anywhere) - interviews on energy, sustainability and food - watch the crash in real time - a community discussion about Peak Oil (somewhat technical site, had the best coverage of the impacts of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on Gulf of Mexico oil infrastructure)


9/11 truth and lies

There are a few news services that mention 9/11 as a core part of understanding current events. None of them are perfect, but here are some of the better ones. Some of them are still attached to the "no plane" story as having some validity and do not appreciate efforts to sift through real and fake claims for complicity, especially if they have staked their credibility on the false claims or if those promoting the false claims have praised them. Meanwhile, more established news sources refuse to touch the issues at all. There are also a number of very low quality websites that promote themselves as news services on 9/11 and related topics, but they focus primarily on false claims and are not reliable. Any news service is likely to make mistakes, but one's ego is less important than accuracy, and organizations that do not make efforts to fact check their work are not likely to be reliable. - coming together to document the historical record, numerous original analyses, news service - publisher of the incredible Complete 9/11 Timeline - now at - (this service shut down in November 2006, but the archives on this site are worth reading about 9/11 and Peak Oil) - best discussion forum on 9/11 complicity issues (tries to steer clear of the hoaxes and discusses disinformation campaigns waged against the truth movement)

there are many sites that highlight that promote the "no plane" campaign as a legitimate inquiry and therefore are not reliable for accuracy, even if they are sincere and publish some excellent material along with the nonsense.


good news services, but they ignore the 9/11 "Reichstag Fire" (a partial list)  progressive perspectives, links to most "alternative" media (although doesn't link to any media that have investigated 9/11) following the media Progressive Review: the department of homeland sanity - exceptionally good publication from Washington, DC with an "outside the Beltway" perspective - "Let's get the truth out"
very good for keeping track of daily news from corporate press and from alternative sources

these are only a small number of excellent news services available on the internet, they are largely reliable except on the underlying issue of 9/11 complicity as the means used to trigger the Peak Oil wars


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