FBI: Federal Bureau of Intimidation

good at disrupting social movements, not preventing crime

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The FBI’s recent encouragement of a wannabe terrorist to pretend to blow up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland could be a scene from Brazil, the movie by Terry Gilliam. Several reviews are at www.oilempire.us/brazil.html

If the accused was planning mass murder, the FBI should have arrested him once he “crossed the line” into making attack preparations. Allowing him to try to carry out the attack makes the FBI a co-conspirator, a risky decision if the attacker turns out to be competent enough to commit the crime.

In 1993, the FBI had an informant in the group that bombed the World Trade Center. The New York Times later reported that his handlers told him not to interfere; they could have stopped it if they wanted.

In 2001, FBI field agents investigating flight schools that the 9/11 hijackers were training at were thwarted by FBI headquarters in D.C. from stopping the attacks. In Minnesota, the FBI arrested Moussaoui, one of the plotters, after the flight school he was training at turned him in because they feared he wanted to fly a plane into the WTC. FBI field agents wrote an affidavit to get a judicial warrant to search his computer, but it was gutted by headquarters, so they did not get a warrant because probable cause was removed. After 9/11, the FBI searched his computer and found incriminating evidence.

Endless war is needed by police state agencies that manipulate terrorism for Orwellian purposes.


FBI - Portland Oregon November 26, 2010 - watching the suspect for months, but let the plot proceed all the way to attempting to set off a dud device

dangerous on several levels

might be tracking a competent criminal who might manage to outwit the FBI and set off a real bomb

the failed terror attack is much more frightening to the public and brings about stronger demand for security than if the would-be bomber had been apprehended when he first took steps with the undercover agent to assemble what he thought would be a bomb.

worst of all, this is more evidence that the threat of "terrorism" is manipulated by the federal intelligence agencies to shape public opinion.



quote from William Blum about preventing terrorism