Central Intelligence Agency

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George Herbert Walker Bush

Updated list of "Intelligence Community" agencies:

• Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency (AFISRA)

• Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM)

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

• Coast Guard Intelligence (part of Homeland Security)

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

• Department of Energy - Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

Department of Homeland Security - Office of Intelligence and Analysis

• Department of State - Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR)

• Department of the Treasury - Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

• Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

• National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (formerly the Defense Mapping Agency)

National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

National Security Agency (NSA)

• Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)

• Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Victor Marchetti: I would say that this would be done, to my experience, particularly in friendly host countries is always done with the knowledge of the host country. I mean, the CIA did not take these actions upon itself. It’s done in cooperation with the local intelligence services and they of course provided assistance and protection. The CIA has worked with other intelligence organisations in other friendly countries in England, Norway, Canada, Germany, in a whole variety of countries in a large range of joint projects. The only reason the CIA would get involved in supporting certain political parties or undercutting other parties would be because we had the money and the expertise and so forth to be able to do it and this would be viewed as a cooperative venture because the host country welcomes us. What you in Australia must understand is that you are more to blame than the CIA is because you want this to happen, you want a certain administration in control and you don’t want another administration in control. The first question I tell all foreign journalists when they bring out this point is…I ask them, `look, you find out where the loyalties of your intelligence services lies. Do they lie with your country as a whole, for better or worse, or to the Establishment in your country?’ and in most instances the answer you find is `to the Establishment.’ So in essence is like in the old days in Europe where the nobility of various countries had more in common with each other than they did with their own people. This is true of intelligence services. They tend to have more in common with each other and their establishments which they represent than they do with their own people.

Part 3 of a 6 part series Watching Brief, PRNS, October 19


There is no shortage of articles, books, movies and websites about the CIA and the rest of the so-called Intelligence Community. Here are some of the better efforts to understand the American Secret State:


Books by former intel agents - whistleblowers

Phil Agee, Inside the Company: CIA Diary
On the Run

Ralph McGehee, Deadly Deceits

Frank Snepp, Decent Interval

John Stockwell, In Search of Enemies

Victor Marchetti


Other Books and Articles about the CIA

The Origins of the Overclass
By Steve Kangas

A Timeline of CIA Atrocities
By Steve Kangas

Covert Action Quarterly

William Blum, Killing Hope

The CIA's Greatest Hits

Gary Webb



cointel.org - the COINTELPRO program, includes archives of many reports by and about covert government programs

cryptome.org - Cryptome.org is an enormous encyclopedia of government documents, a fearless defense of the First Amendment

fas.org - Federation of American Scientists, very detailed database of US military industrial complex

fromthewilderness.com - From the Wilderness, investigative journalism about CIA drugs, 9/11, Peak Oil, published from 1996 to 2006

namebase.org - Namebase is a unique resource on the structure of the establishment.

prouty.org - Col. Fletcher Prouty's books and other writings

ratical.org - one of the best resources on the web about intelligence agencies and positive alternatives to endless war



Alan Francovich, On Company Business

The Falcon and the Snowman


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Cold War:

Team B (Bush's effort to exaggerate the Soviet threat in 1976)




Australia 1975

Brazil 1964

Chile 1963


Guatemala 1954


Indonesia 1965

Iran 1953

United States of America 1963




Drugs - Viet Nam, Central America, Afghanistan:

The Politics of Heroin by Alfred McCoy

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Operation Paperclip (importing Nazis):



Daniel Mitrione in Brazil and Uruguay