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neo-Nazi originator of some 9/11 hoaxes, says Hitler deserved Nobel Peace Prize

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The American Free Press and Barnes Review are an ultra-right-wing Holocaust denial publication, the successor organizations to the "Liberty Lobby," a longtime ultra conservative organization.

In 2004, the "AFP" unveiled one of the most absurd hoaxes yet floated to distract the 9/11 truth movement -- the claim that the crash of Flight 93 never happened. Presumably, the eyewitnesses to the flight and crash are all Mossad operatives keeping "the truth" from the American public, although their "article" claiming "no plane" in Pennsylvania does not address the eyewitness testimony and the obvious physical evidence that shows their claims are mere "chaff," a distraction from the real story. These sorts of distractions seem to get more and more bizarre with each passing month -- and few of these distractions dare talk about the 9/11 wargames, NORAD and the role of Dick Cheney. Who benefits from redirecting the discussions about 9/11 complicity to blurry photos, evidence-less science fiction theories, and no plane stories that are absolutely refuted by eyewitness testimony and abundant physical evidence?

American Free Press sometimes promotes itself as "AFP," which can cause confusion, since one of the world's leading news organizations shares the same acronym (Agence France-Press).


American Free Press: the Nazi connections

The American Free Press publishes "The Barnes Review," a neo-Nazi holocaust denial site that shares the same mailing address as AFP. The "Barnes Review" page included this gem

Adolf Hitler: An Overlooked Candidate for the Nobel Prize
By Alex S. Perry Jr.
If anyone deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, it was Adolf Hitler. Hitler did not want war. World War II was forced on Germany.

Barnes Review offers a wide variety of neo-Nazi holocaust denial literature that severely tests any sane person's committment toward tolerating the First Amendment. It is interesting to see how AFP carefully "segregates" their Nazi literature onto the "Barnes" site, so that their AFP newspaper seems somewhat legitimate if you don't look closely at the organization.


Who was Barnes?

Holocaust Denial, a Definition
by Andrew E. Mathis
This entry on Holocaust denial appears in Conspiracy Theories in American History: An Encyclopedia. Written by a member of The Holocaust History Project, it discusses the history of this conspiracy belief in Europe and America.

... At the same time, antiwar historians, notably Harry Elmer Barnes, began to suggest conspiratorial motivations on the part of the major powers at war [note: World War I]. As historian Deborah Lipstadt has noted, Barnes and his colleagues were correct in many of their assumptions, for example, Germany was not solely at fault for the war (Serbia had, after all, fired the opening salvo); much anti-German propaganda spread during and after the war was, in fact, false; and there were war profiteers who made fortunes on the slaughter of the war (Lipstadt, (33-34)01). However, this did not change the essentially imperial nature of the war itself. Nevertheless, with the doubts of Barnes and his cohorts borne out through historical method, reports of German atrocities committed during World War II (this time true) would be treated with even greater skepticism. Barnes, who lived into the late 1960s, was among the first Americans to embrace Holocaust denial. [emphasis added] (Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination)

Beware: The Douglas/Janney/Simkin Silver Bullets
By James DiEugenio


... Carto ran a small media conglomerate called the Liberty Lobby for a number of years. But there was a split in the ranks and the dissidents founded the IHR, while Carto's main publication was The Barnes Review. This is important because the TRB in TRB News, stands for The Barnes Review. As one commentator has noted about the site, although its archives contain some Holocaust revisionist material, a lot of the other stuff comes off as anti-Bush liberalism. But here is the problem. A lot of the material appears to be about as genuine as Regicide. Further, as that book was aimed at a target audience, and the Muller book also appeared aimed at a target audience, some of the "stories" on the site seem aimed at the growing resentment towards President Bush. To the point of making up false stories which are picked up by legitimate outlets but are later discredited. For instance, there was a story there saying that the Pentagon is grossly underreporting the number of casualties in Iraq. The story's by-line was by one Brian Harring who was supposed to have found a PDF file with the real numbers on them. And this story then spread to places like the liberal Huffington Post. Well, there is a Brian Harring, but as one can see by reading this entry (scroll down to the section entitled "Riots in the Streets"), he had nothing to do with this story and it appears that Stahl/Douglas is using his name against his will.

I could continue in this vein , but the point is that not only does Stahl/Storch/Douglas partake in what seem to be fraudulent books and stories, but -- like a classic confidence man -- he seems to aim them at certain audiences he knows will be predisposed to accept them. The latter stories I mentioned seem to be targeted at left/liberal sites in order to fool and then discredit them by the eventual exposure of false information. To stretch a parallel, in intelligence realms, this concept is called "blowback".

AFP / Barnes created "No Plane crash in Pennsylvania" hoax

Updated September 17, 2004
9-11 Mysteries Remain Three Years After Terror Attacks, Public Still Doubts ‘Official’ Story
By Christopher Bollyn

AFP also promotes the fiction that there was a giant explosion at WTC Building 6 - which has been ably refuted at has the real story of Flight 93, including convincing evidence that the plane was shot down.

What's next -- the "no building" theory?

AFP / Barnes used to discredit 9/11 skepticism

American Free Press / Barnes Review used to smear investigations into 9/11 as anti-semitism by Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC is a group that focuses on fringe fascists but ignores corporate and military-industrial complex fascism). Having fringe fascists like AFP/Barnes focus on 9/11 conspiracy serves to discredit real evidence of official complicity.

'Risking Their Freedom'
A group of 'internationally renowned scholars' probes 9/11. And, to the surprise of no one, identifies a familiar enemy.
Intelligence Report
Fall 2002

from Jim Hoffman, webmaster (one of the few 9/11 truth websites that admits some claims of complicity are false)

For all I know Chris [Bollyn] is a sincere (despite apparently embracing some amazing Holocaust revisionist views) hardworking investigative reporter. If that's true, howerver, he doesn't seem to apply a very good critical filter to the information he gathers. For example, he appears to be the source of some of the more deeply ingrained errors in the 9/11 skeptics' literature, such as the Building 6 explosion myth:

and the idea that seismic spikes preceded the collapses:

I recently spoke at an event in Los Angeles: "Solving the 9/11 Crime - A Citizens' Grand Jury", in which Chris was promoting "In Plane Site", and presenting dozens of ideas for which I see no basis in evidence. I was so disturbed at the damage he was doing to the credibility of careful research that I spent half of my talk debunking the more nonsensical ideas he advanced in his talk just before mine.

Barnes Review floats fake story as bait to anti-war movement

A story floated on - the Barnes Review - in spring 2005 claimed that 9,000 American troops had really been killed in Iraq, but the truth was being covered up. This claim was made at a time when Bush's approval ratings and military recruiting levels reached new lows, and the empire is on the defensive with growing disgust domestically and internationally. This story is almost certainly disinformation, but like all good lies there is some truth to it. The official lists of killed in action do not include mercenaries (euphemistically called contractors) and soldiers from allied nations (mainly Britain). There are a number of probably true stories alleging a large contingent of "Green Card" soldiers - illegal immigrants caught at the border and promised legal residence or citizenship if they fight for Uncle Sam. The number of these troops in Iraq, and the numbers wounded and killed are unlikely to ever be confirmed precisely. It is also worth noting that the US military has declined to make any public statements about the number of Iraqis killed during the invasion and occupation, but a true figure is likely to be well over 100,000 -- and millions suffer from the privations, fear, humiliation, and other consequences of being a stranger in your own homeland.
WARNING: Beware the "Voice from the White House"
(TBR News is "The Barnes Review")
The "Daily Kos" blog has a long discussion about the "9,000 dead" story - here are three of the most insightful comments:

  1. one could entertain the notion that this idea is being passed around to bait liberals into false claims as an attempt to discredit our movement.
  2. Another thing to consider:
    Learn to question motives & presentation of information.
    Even a cursory review of the available (on the web in general and dKos in particular) info on (antisemitic conspiracymongers) would have raised several red flags (not to mention finding the previously debunked diaries on this).
    It is my hunch that a large part of especially the openly antisemitic stuff(as opposed to Ray McGovern's legitimate comments on POLITICAL connections between US rightwingers and Israels loony religious right) is pushed here and in comments threads on other lefty sites by plants wishing to discredit the sites in question.
    Then of course you have the terminally stupid "leftists" who either push this shit themselves or comment approvingly.
  3. How's this for a conspiracy with history to it?
    The US Government has had a history of "infiltrating" left-wing groups to sow dissent. They would appear as fanatical supporters but would use inflammatory rhetoric to radicalize or discredit the group. Perhaps they are doing it in the blogosphere and the trolling, insulting, magic-minded folk are phonies.
    So, do I really believe this is true? In reality, there are always enough fuzzy-mind (and sometimes rude) folk out there that it certainly doesn't have to be true to have such posts. On the other hand, I find believing that it just might be true, that this person with this far-out theory, or that this person who seems hell-bound to insult and divide might be a fake - I find this oddly comforting. It allows me to not be upset by divisiveness.
    The bare-bones truth is bad enough without the need to flesh it out with exaggerations.

AFP/Barnes used to be the Liberty Lobby

Deniers in Revisionists Clothing
Ben S. Austin

Holocaust Denial in an Age of Skepticism
The impact of these deniers in "revisionist" clothing is greatly abetted by certain characteristics of our times. As we approach the close of the 20th century, we find ourselves living in an age of skepticism -- about everything. There are clear signs that Americans have lost trust in government. This is not so much a result of scandalous, or alleged scandalous, behavior on the part of highly visible political leaders. It goes much deeper than that. In fact, it appears that American citizens have a remarkable capacity to overlook and forgive personal mistakes of political leaders. ... At a much deeper level, however, a prolonged and senseless war in Southeast Asia, the ramifications of Watergate, Koreagate and arms deals with Iran may have shattered faith in government beyond redemption.
A popular bumper sticker reads, "Ignore the media, think for yourself." It also appears that we have lost faith in the public media to tell us the truth about domestic and world events. News programs are presented to us in the format of a talk show where every question has at least two and usually many more sides. The end result is the conviction that there is no truth about anything. ....
The combined effect of these trends may well be that the general population no longer believes that anything is right or, for that matter, wrong. Everything is relative, including truth. Every story has "another side. It seems to me that the postmodern deconstruction strategies of recent years has created an intellectual climate in which it is (a) easy to level questions against any historical construction and (b) easy to believe that history is a matter of perception, language, and political agenda. It seems to me that revisionism is part and parcel of this whole movement.

In 1979, the Institute for Historical Review, at its annual convention, offered a $50,000 reward to anyone who could step forward and prove that there were gas chambers at Auschwitz and that any Jews were gassed there. In 1980, a Jewish survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Auschwitz prisoner A-4685, answered the challenge by presenting affidavits detailing the deaths of his mother, father, brother and two sisters at the camp. The IHR refused to pay the reward so Mr. Mermelstein sued the Institute. The case never actually went to trial. Both sides agreed to a summary judgment by the court, and the court decided for Mel Mermelstein.

DATED: AUG 5, 1985
Attorney for Defendants
Attorneys for Defendants
The Court then issued the following order to the defendants as an official:


"WHEREAS, the Legion for Survival of Freedom, and the Institute for Historical Review, sent by letter dated November 20, 1980, directly to Mel Mermelstein, a survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau and Buchenwald, an exclusive reward offer in a letter marked "'personal'" dated November 20, 1980, offering Mr. Mermelstein a $50,000 exclusive reward for "'proof that Jews were gassed in gas chambers at Auschwitz'" "and further stating that if Mr. Mermelstein did not respond to the reward offer "'very soon"', "the Institute for Historical Review would ' publicize that fact to the mass media' ..."
"WHEREAS, Mr. Mermelstein formally applied for said $50,000 reward on December 18, 1980; and
"WHEREAS, Mr. Mermelstein now contends that the Institute for Historical Review knew, or should have known, from Mr. Mermelstein's letter to the editor of the Jerusalem Post dated August 17, 1980, that Mr. Mermelstein contended he was a survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau and Buchenwald; knew, or should have known, that Mr. Mermelstein contended that his mother and two sisters were gassed to death at Auschwitz; and knew, or should have known, of his contention that at dawn on May 22, 1944, he observed his mother and two sisters, among other women and children, being lured and driven into the gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau, which he later discovered to be Gas Chamber No. 5; and
"WHEREAS, on October 9, 1981, the parties in dispute in the litigation filed cross-motions for summary judgment resulting in the court, per the Honorable Thomas T. Johnson, taking judicial notice as follows: "'Under Evidence Code Section 452(h), this court does take judicial notice of the fact that Jews were gassed to death at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland during the summer of 1944'" and "'It just simply is a fact that falls within the definition of Evidence Code Section 452(h). It is not reasonably subject to dispute. And it is capable of immediate and accurate determination by resort to sources of reasonably indisputable accuracy. It is simply a fact.'"
"WHEREAS, Mr. Mermelstein and other survivors of Auschwitz contend that they suffered severe emotional distress resulting from said reward offer and subsequent conduct of the Institute of Historical Review; and
"WHEREAS, the Institute for Historical Review and Legion for Survival of Freedom now contend that in offering such reward there was no intent to offend, embarrass or cause emotional strain to anyone, including Mr. Mermelstein, a survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau and Buchenwald Concentration Camps of World War II, and a person who lost his father, mother and two sisters who also were inmates of Auschwitz;
"WHEREAS, the Institute for Historical Review and Legion for Survival of Freedom should have been aware that the reward offer would cause Mr. Mermelstein and other survivors of Auschwitz to suffer severe emotional distress which the Institute for Historical Review and Legion for Survival of Freedom, now recognize is regrettable and abusive to survivors of Auschwitz. report on a neo-nazi conference in Europe profile of Willis Carto, famous American neo-Nazi who founded AFP/Barnes

... In 1955, he founded the organization called Liberty Lobby, which remained in operation under the control of Willis Carto until 2001, when the organization was forced into bankruptcy as a result of a lawsuit. Liberty Lobby was perhaps best known for publishing the newspaper, The Spotlight, between 1975 and 2001, which is also now defunct. Willis Carto and other people who were involved with The Spotlight have since started a new newspaper, called the American Free Press, which is similar in tone.
Carto was also the founder of a publishing company called Noontide Press, which published a number of books on white racialist subjects, including Yockey's Imperium. Noontide Press later became closely associated with the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), and fell out of Carto's hands at the same time as the IHR did. The IHR was founded by Willis Carto in 1979, with the intent of promoting the proposition that the Nazi Holocaust never happened - a view known as Holocaust revisionism or Holocaust denial. After losing control of Noontide Press and the IHR in a hostile takeover by former associates, Carto started another publication, the Barnes Review, which is also dedicated to denying that the Holocaust happened.
Willis Carto has had a long history of attempting to take the remains of existing groups and publications, and turning them into vehicles for his ideology. In 1966, Willis Carto acquired control of the American Mercury, a magazine which was once a highly respected periodical associated with H.L. Mencken, but which was on its last leg by the time Carto acquired it, and quickly went defunct. After the failed third-party Presidential campaign of George Wallace in 1968, Carto acquired control of what was left of the Youth for Wallace organization, and transformed it into an openly white supremacist youth organization called the National Youth Alliance. Carto eventually lost control of the National Youth Alliance to a rival on the far right, William Pierce, who transformed it into the National Alliance, which is today the most notorious neo-Nazi organization operating in the United States. Willis Carto also acquired the Sun Radio Network in the early 1990s, and attempted to use talk radio as a vehicle for spreading his views. That network also became defunct under Carto's control.
In 1984, Willis Carto was among those involved in starting a new political party called the Populist Party. As with many other Carto creations, this group quickly fell out of the hands of Carto in a hostile takeover from disgruntled former associates. This Populist Party, which critics charged was an electoral vehicle for current and former Ku Klux Klan and Christian Identity members, was not a continuation of the earlier Populist Party of the late 1800s, which was a left-wing party. The Populist Party started by Willis Carto was a party of the far right, and is best known for running David Duke as its Presidential nominee in 1988, and former Green Beret officer Bo Gritz in 1992. It disbanded by 1996.
In 2004, Carto joined in signing the New Orleans Protocol on behalf of American Free Press. The New Orleans Protocol seeks to "mainstream our cause" by reducing violence and internecine warfare, and was written by David Duke. There are few movements on the American far right that have not been influenced in one way or another by Willis Carto in the last 50 years.

New Orleans Protocol
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The New Orleans Protocol (NOP) was signed in New Orleans, Louisiana, on May 29, 2004 David Duke, then recently released from prison, organized a weekend gathering of the euphemistically entitled "European Nationalists", in the vein of White nationalism, which is often confused with White supremacy. Following the death of William L. Pierce in 2002, White racial movements had become splintered and divided. At the gathering Duke presented his unity proposal for peace within the movement and a better image to the outside world, to "mainstream our cause."

The NOP calls for "Zero tolerance for violence. Honourable and ethical behaviour in relations with other signatory groups. (In other words, no enemies on the racialist far-right.) Maintaining a high tone in our arguments and public presentations." Commentary by Paul Fromm clarified that violence in "self-defense" is permitted.

The signatories on that date were:

David Duke, European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO)
Don Black, Stormfront
Willis Carto, American Free Press
Dr. Ed Fields, Truth at Last
Sam G. Dickson, Council of Conservative Citizens
Kevin Alfred Strom and David Pringle, National Alliance
Paul Fromm, Canadian Association for Free Expression
John Tyndall, of the British National Party, signed as an individual, not as a representative of his party. Willis Carto Information Site Carto and the Institute for Historical Review (denial publication) Holocaust Deniers and neo-Nazis

Holocaust denial depends on the embrace of a mass conspiracy theory -- the allegation that Jews, academics, historians and others falsified or maliciously distorted all testimonies, reports and pictures of the Holocaust. Holocaust deniers explain Jewish motivation behind the "Zionist conspiracy" as a means to gain power and influence. In Carto's opening speech to the 1981 IHR convention, he asserted that "Zionists" are "predators" who exploit the "guilt" of Western society and "offer us expiation for the sins of our fathers by giving us the magnificent opportunity to contribute to the building of God's promised land for God's chosen people with our tax money." The IHR's game plan is simple; by legitimizing "debate" over the settled historical veracity of the Holocaust, deniers hope to sow the seed of doubt, which in turn will foster anti-Semitism in the form of resentment against those who have promoted this "hoax": the Jews. other Nazi nutters consider Carto a disruptive influence (warning: revisionists is a pro-Nazi Holocaust denial site)

For nearly five decades Willis Carto has been an important but often contentious and polarizing figure in the American "right wing" and the historical revisionist movement. ...
In 1955 Carto founded Liberty Lobby, a "populist" organization that for years published a nationally-circulated tabloid weekly, The Spotlight. Following its collapse in 2001, Carto and former Liberty Lobby employees launched American Free Press (AFP), a weekly tabloid similar to The Spotlight in style, tone and content. He has since played an important role in running AFP.
Carto also supervises The Barnes Review
, a revisionist history journal he founded in 1994 that targets a middle-brow readership.
The Barnes Review and AFP have jointly sponsored several conferences.
Carto has a long record of bitter and litigious fights with persons or groups that he regards as rivals.
During the 1980s, for example, he was involved in launching the Populist Party. But soon he was embroiled in conflict with the group's other leading figures, who accused him of misappropriating many tens of thousands of dollars of Party funds. The bitter dispute accelerated the Party's decline and collapse.
For some years Carto and his wife were associated with the Institute for Historical Review, a leading "revisionist" publishing and educational center that was founded in December 1978 by David McCalden with support from Carto and several other persons.
In September 1993 the staff and management of the IHR and its parent corporation terminated all ties with the Cartos after evidence came to light that they were embezzling funds. (This theft was later proven in court.)
Carto responded with an aggressive smear campaign against the IHR and persons associated with it, accusing them of being agents of the Zionist ADL, the CIA, and the Church of Scientology. He also initiated a series of lawsuits against the IHR, its parent corporation, and persons associated with the IHR.
Carto's costly and protracted campaign was not successful. Liberty Lobby was forced into bankruptcy and went out of business. The Cartos likewise filed for bankruptcy, and in early 2002 they lost their home in Escondido, southern California. Since then they have been reportedly been living in semi-hiding in northern Virginia.


A Brief History of Holocaust Revisionism
By Willis A. Carto


Auschwitz: The Final Count
By Michael Collins Piper
A thought-provoking new anthology edited by English historian Vivian Bird casts stark new light on what really happened at Auschwitz during World War II. As the evidence shows, the official "facts" just don’t add up.
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