2012: Vote None of the Above

an honorable choice


The good cop, bad cop schtick of the Democrats and Republicans is a bad joke on all of us.


I can't think of anything in the past half century that the Republicans did that the Democrats did not let them do. JFK 1963-11-22. Viet Nam. The full extent of the Watergate scandal. October Surprise. Iran-Contra. Desert Storm. Letting 9/11 happen. Iraq, again. Afghanistan. Sure, some Democrats made some noise about some of these scandals, but the remedy of impeachment was rejected by 99% of the national Democrats. The Clinton Gore and Obama Biden administrations sabotaged environmental protection, economic justice, health care policy, food safety standards and many other concerns that once were concerns of the Democratic Party.

The Front Men

Obama: the audacity of false hope, Good Cop for the Empire
the OilEmpire.US page on Obama has not been updated much since he became President, it was obvious what was going to happen in 2007 and there's no disappointment here about his administration.

Biden: pushed through Senate resolution promoting "partition" of Iraq, part of the "New Middle East Map" that Cheney also wants. Biden supported the War on Iraq and has been a pillar of the US foreign policy establishment for decades.

Romney: Bush Cheney veterans run his campaign, but they probably have not been picked by the Empire for 2012 (the Republicans do not seem to be trying to "win" this time). Does anyone think Gingrich, Santorum, Bachman or Cain were seriously trying to win?

Ron Paul: a stopped watch is right twice a day. One of three Republicans to vote against the USA PATRIOT Act. Worse on ecological concerns than Bush Cheney. Paul's extreme libertarianism is essentially the position of the John Birch Society. Note that Paul's vision of "limited government" does not discuss the role of corporate power or the three letter agencies that run the military industrial complex.

Deep Politics


the history of "Nobody for President"


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Fake Debates and False Choices

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