Deception Dollars

brilliant tactic, but needed fact checkers and editors

The Deception Dollar campaign started in late 2002 as a means to bypass media reluctance to focus on evidence for 9/11 complicity. From a humble start with a print run of 10,000 (which were quickly passed out at a San Francisco peace rally), subsequent editions resulted in millions printed and passed out, especially at the large peace rallies just before the 2003 attack on Iraq.

Deception Dollars were a brilliant means to disseminate information. People passing them out in large crowds often found themselves beseiged, unable to pass them out fast enough to meet demand. If a pamphleteer had been offering long reports that focused on 9/11 complicity, few would stop to request copies, even at the most sympathetic gatherings.

It is noteworthy that despite their brilliance and popularity, the media decided on a virtual black-out of the campaign. None of the national "alternative" media covering the peace movement dared to mention the Deception Dollars, even though they were very visible at the large peace rallies that were covered by these publications. They didn't even attack the Dollars, evidently preferring silence and censorship. (In 2004, this willful ignorance shifted to attack, focusing on the 9/11 truth movement's weakest arguments while ignoring the best evidence.)

This website was on a couple editions of the Deception Dollars, which helped boost its visibility and increased web traffic. However, in September 2006, the latest edition of the Deception Dollar removed this site (oilempire) and From the Wilderness - not just from the bills, but from the website. It seems that the publisher did not appreciate public statements that some of the claims behind 9/11 complicity are merely hoaxes used to discredit the 9/11 truth movement, even though the media have been skewering the movement with attack articles that focus on the false claims.

One of the new, substitute websites is an alleged interfaith organization that promotes Holocaust denial as legitimate inquiry. Another one is an alleged group of scholars that debates whether mini-nukes or spaced based weapons destroyed the World Trade Center.

The Deception Dollar campaign was a brilliant marketing effort to bypass mainstream and "alternative" media censorship of 9/11 complicity issues. It is unfortunate that each issue of the Dollars included websites promoting false claims that distract from the best evidence.
New Deception Dollars - Complaint

Truth activists question why the "Dollars" mix websites highlighting good evidence with other sites that promote nonsense claims.

A Global Dance has begun between the forces of Peace and War, Truth and Lies, Resistance and Repression. All the resources of the U.S. government, and transnational corporations who benefit from war, and the control over the vast majority of the world’s resources by an elite minority, will do what they can to create fear, confusion, maintain their power. All we can do is tell the truth, shatter the BIG LIE, with facts, humor, love, courage, creativity, clarity, to empower all of us to hold those responsible for crimes against humanity accountable for their actions, and to rein them in, before they commit worse acts of terror against people at home and abroad.

The Deception Dollars were created as a portal to the best information we have found on 9-11. There is so much information that no one could possibly keep up with it all and there is a tremendous diversity of ideas, opinions, observations amongst a growing number of sites, research with each site providing links to other sites. Some sites provide a place for dialogue, discussion, organizing opportunities, some just try to convey essential information. There are more urls for 9-11 sites than space on the Deception Dollars to list them, but hopefully- the breadth, diversity, widespread nature of the internet will help to grow an unstoppable movement.


Key 9/11 truth sites - 9/11 Citizens Watch, which monitored the official 9/11 Commission, includes lots of material about whistleblowers - 9/11 Review (not to be confused with, which is a hoax site). - The Center for Cooperative Research, extremely comprehensive "timeline" of 9-11 and detailed articles - now at - "From the Wilderness" by Mike Ruppert focuses on Peak Oil, drug money corruption and 9/11 is a mirror site. - site from Canada, a lot of background material (although their open publishing "forum" attracted a number of postings with fake information, like all other "open publishing" forums that allow anyone to post anything - and its sibling sites have the same problem). Global Research" promotes the idea that Peak Oil is not real and highlights some of the false claims about 9/11 - Guerrilla News Network, Berkeley CA and New York based media group supporting cutting edge journalism, creators of "Aftermath: Unanswered Questions about 9/11," "Crack the CIA," and other films - Mad Cow Press, the investigations of journalist Daniel Hopsicker, the only reporter looking into the Florida flight schools - a political map to connect the dots - 9/11, Bush regime corruption, and more - this site contains a large amount of background material on 9/11, fake terror operations, and the reluctance of the "left gatekeepers" to discuss these issues. A bit excessively conspiratorial at times, but mostly correct. - an amazing resource on environmental issues, covert operations, indigenous perspectives and much more - one of the best sites on the internet - - (now defunct) 9/11 Visibility Project (Seattle and Kansas City), the first 9/11 truth activist group - questioning the official story of 9/11


(A few sites that have been on the Deception Dollars are of mixed quality or low quality, but that doesn't effect the good material on the sites listed above. Some of the lower quality sites include,,,, and - those sites have a number of hoaxes that interfere with accurate understanding with what happened on 9/11, and why it was perpetrated.)


Representative Jim McDermott (D-WA) presented 87 "billion deception dollars"
to the Congress when the Bush regime requested 87 billion in federal reserve notes
to expand the occupation of Iraq.

ADL: 9/11 truth gaining in antiwar movement

The Masonic Lodge of B'nai B'rith's Anti-Defamation League Anti-Israel
Protest Calendar March 26, 2004 reports

:March 20, 2004 - New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Elsewhere

Global Day of Action Against War and Occupation
The conspicuous presence of conspiracy theorists in both New York City and San Francisco was worrisome. A group called the 9/11 Truth Alliance, which contends that the Bush administration staged the attacks, distributed signs saying "Stop the 9-11 Cover-Up" at both rallies. It also handed out "deception dollars," large replicas of paper currency covered with links to conspiracy and also anti-Israel and anti-Semitic Web sites. While some conspiratorial groups were present at past rallies, their profile was much higher at the March 20th demonstrations.



[note: While there are certainly some people who are anti-semitic who also think 9/11 was an inside job, they are a tiny fringe of the 9/11 movement, and are not the Deception Dollar campaign nor the 9/11 Truth Alliance. The tiny fringe - such as the "American Free Press" - promote hoaxes to discredit the 9/11 truth movement, and are probably deliberate disinformation efforts. In other words, anti-semitism is used as a weapon to discredit legitimate inquiry. It would not be surprising if those "9/11 activists" who embrace Holocaust denial are doing so to deliberately associate 9/11 skepticism with extreme racism.]

First they ignore you, then they attack you, then you begin to win. - Gandhi